What We Do


  • Hold a bi-weekly Social Justice & Advocacy Group to navigate the social and institutional maze, develop a language about our experiences, and point each other to the right resources.
  • Communicate our shared concerns to the university, advocating for policy changes, best practices, and a culture of accessibility.


  • Build a support network for students with disabilities and chronic health problems to connect with resources and with each other.
  • Hold a bi-weekly support group co-sponsored by GPSD and McBurney.

Institutional Networking

  • Create a honeycomb network of allies, supporters, and collaborators throughout campus.
  • Host a web-based informational hub that connects people to events and resources.

Professional Development

  • Offer opportunities to develop professional skills and strategies needed to navigate work environments with a disability.
  • Create leadership roles for people to explore their career interests, build their CVs, and promote inclusive practices around disability in their disciplinary fields.