GPSD ~ A Graduate Wellness Initiative

Graduates and Professionals with Disabilities

The Graduate and Professional Students with Disabilities (GPSD) Initiative is a student-led group that offers a confidential environment to support GPSD in their academic and professional lives. We understand disabilities in the broadest possible terms and students do not need to be registered with the McBurney Disability Resource Center to participate.

  • Peer-to-Peer Support: We feel it’s easier to talk to people who are our peers, to experiment with issues that concern us and develop professional skills. As fellow grads, we can support each other in a low-stakes context, then communicate more confidently with institutional stakeholders.
  • Accessibility Advocacy: We are a safe place for people with disabilities to talk about their experiences in navigating the university. We discuss challenges related to our roles, and to school policies and procedures, while bridging communication with allies and resources.
  • Honeycomb Network: Our long-term goal is to work with other graduate and professional groups at UW to create a honeycomb network so that students may be resources to other students and encourage a give-and-take of ideas, following the University’s guiding principle.

GPSD Leadership

Britt Marie Zeidler

Position title: Founder & Director


Position title: Director of Research

Apoorv Saraogee

Position title: Assistant Director

Samuel Wood

Position title: Community Affairs Organizer

Advisory Board

Jeffrey Russell

Position title: Dean of Continuing Studies

Luis Piñero

Position title: Senior Special Assistant, Division of Diversity, Equity, and Educational Achievement

Mari Magler

Position title: Assistant Dean and Director, McBurney Disability Resource Center

Elaine Goetz

Position title: Graduate Student Assistance Specialist

James Keck

Position title: Associate Dean for Basic Sciences, UW SMPH

Emily Kite

Position title: Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Law School